Executive Branch Contacts

Student Body Commissions are Constitutional units of the Student Body Government and serve to promote greater student involvement in the Executive Process. Particular Commissions execute service projects or study campus issues in depth. At present, the Executive Branch contains seventeen head contacts. These contacts are chiefs of the seventeen departments, commissions, and agencies.

Position Contact Name Contact Email
Student Body President Andy Walsh sbp@ncsu.edu
Chief of Staff N/A N/A
Deputy Chief of Staff N/A N/A
Executive Assistant N/A N/A
Academics Commission N/A N/A
Athletics Commission N/A N/A
Community Outreach Commission N/A N/A
Community Service Commission N/A N/A
Directors of Communication N/A N/A
Division of Web Development Brian Krystek bjkryste@ncsu.edu
Diversity Commission N/A N/A
Graphic Designer Nicholas Sailer nvsailer@ncsu.edu
Student Senate Liaison N/A N/A
Sustainability Commission N/A N/A
Traditions Commission N/A N/A
Transportation Commission N/A N/A