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Session 93, 2013-2014; Others: 1999-2000 (79) | 2000-2001 (80) | 2001-2002 (81) | 2002-2003 (82) | 2003-2004 (83) | 2004-2005 (84) | 2005-2006 (85) | 2006-2007 (86) | 2007-2008 (87) | 2008-2009 (88) | 2009-2010 (89) | 2010-2011 (90) | 2011-2012 (91) | 2012-2013 (92)

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Chair, College of Management: Megan Wright

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NamePosition EmailPhone
Bridgers, Nathaniel Senator, First-Year At-large (from Oct 13) nabridge AT ncsu DOT edu
Cyrus, Khari Senator, College of Sciences klcyrus AT ncsu DOT edu 922-1664
Dammer, Michael Senator, College of Natural Resources (from Sep 13) mjdammer AT ncsu DOT edu
Frazier, John Senator, College of Engineering (from Sep 13) jrfrazi2 AT ncsu DOT edu
Hurmence, Hannah Senator, CHASS Seniors hehurmen AT ncsu DOT edu
Kemp, Matthew Senator, College of Sciences mgkemp AT ncsu DOT edu
Orgut, Resulali Senator, Graduate reorgut AT ncsu DOT edu
Shepherd, Carson R. Senator, CHASS Sophomores crshephe AT ncsu DOT edu
Wright, Megan Chair, College of Management mawrigh2 AT ncsu DOT edu

Recent Reports Transmitted: [all]

Report Date Author Subject Source
GO-16 Mar 26, 2014 Megan Wright GB 93; Reported HTML
GO-15 Mar 26, 2014 Megan Wright GB 87; Reported HTML
GO-14 Mar 17, 2014 Megan Wright GB 94 HTML
GO-13 Mar 17, 2014 Megan Wright GB 97 HTML
GO-12 Mar 17, 2014 Megan Wright GB 96; Reported HTML
GO-11 Mar 4, 2014 Megan Wright GB 86; Reported HTML
GO-09 Jan 29, 2014 Megan Wright GB 85; Reported HTML
GO-08 Jan 29, 2014 Megan Wright GB 72; Reported HTML
GO-07 Jan 5, 2014 Megan Wright GB 74; Reported HTML
GO-06 Jan 5, 2014 Megan Wright GB 69; Reported HTML
GO-05 Jan 5, 2014 Megan Wright GB 66; Reported HTML

Legislation in Domain

Bill Short Name Sponsor(s) Current Status
GB 66 Reform of the Student Justice Branch within SG Shepherd Adopted by Senate
SR 71 Dickerson Expulsion Act Bridgers, Hurmence, Kemp, Shepherd, and Wright Adopted by Senate
GB 72 Pro Tempore Appropriations Chair Separation Act Brannum, Cyrus, Poosamani, and Yadon Adopted by Senate
GB 74 Appropriations Statutes Clarification Act Poosamani
Secondary: Gaskins
Adopted by Senate
GB 85 Constitutional Referenda Act Wright and Yadon Adopted by Senate
GB 86 Student Senate Officers Election Reform Bridgers
Secondary: Shepherd
Not Adopted by Senate
GB 87 Election Statues Update Act Bartel Postponed or Tabled
GB 93 Statutes 5-1 Revisions Yadon Calendar for Second Reading
GB 94 Judicial Branch Revisions Yadon Postponed or Tabled
GB 96 Statutes 5-3 and 5-4 Revisions Yadon Adopted by Senate
GB 97 Senate Seats Referendum Teder Postponed or Tabled

Reports Received:

Report Group From Date Author Subject Source
GO-crshephe-01 Government Operations Committee Nov 13, 2013 Carson R. Shepherd Member HTML

Charter (Student Body Statutes §2-1.1):

The Committee on Government Operations shall be responsible for reviewing amendments to these Statutes and the Student Body Constitution, formulating election procedures, reviewing policies concerning College Councils, evaluating the nature of Senate absences, and reviewing personnel matters, including conducting investigations regarding the impeachment of Student Government Officials, in accordance with the Senate punitive powers. The Government Operations committee shall affect liaison with student judicial boards, the Board of Elections, and the Department of Student Development. The committee shall be composed of at least five (5) members.

The Government Operations Committee holds direct or indirect oversight authority over:

The Government Operations Committee is a unit of the Student Senate.