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Archived Content -- 80th Session

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Session 80, 2000-2001

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Robert Andrew (Drew) Middleton
Senator, Life-Long Education
Contact Info:
ramiddle AT unity DOT ncsu DOT edu
Course(s) of Study:
BA - Political Science, College of Humanities and Social Sciences
Academic Class:
Residing in/at:
Bragaw Hall
Hickory, North Carolina
"caeli enarrant gloriam Dei"
- "behold the heavens bespeak the glory of God."

"Faber est suae quisque fortunae"
- "Each person is craftsman of his or her own fortune."
Key Issues:
Unsubstantiated increases in cost to students. Academic Advising. Unused fees going towards financial aid.
Information, Senator:
Entered Office:
Appointed by SSP Morgan, Jan. 2001
Recent Votes:
Absent - The motion to adjourn (Adopted: 21-17-3; 16 absent)
Yes - The motion to postpone Indefinatley R 41, Student Fee Standards Act (Adopted: 33-18-1; 6 absent)
Absent - The motion to overrule ruling that SSP vote is constitutional (Failed: 12-38-1; 10 absent (two-thirds present and voting required))
No - The motion to adopt PB 58, Funding of Conference (Adopted: 48-3-3; 0 absent)
Here - The motion to adopt PB 58, Funding of Conference (Adopted: 26-22-7; 0 absent)
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