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Archived Content -- 84th Session

Welcome to the Diversity Committee

Session 84, 2004-2005; Others: 1999-2000 (79) | 2000-2001 (80) | 2001-2002 (81) | 2002-2003 (82) | 2003-2004 (83)

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Chair: Mercedes Marshall
Vice-chair: Emily Weston
Secretary: Candice Elaine Epps

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De Nard

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NamePosition EmailPhone
De Nard, Paul Member pddenard AT ncsu DOT edu 515-2797
Epps, Candice Elaine Secretary (from Oct 04) ceepps AT ncsu DOT edu 512-6476
Feldman, Gene Member (from Sep 04)
Heard, Drexel D. Former Member (Sep 04-Jan 05) ddheard AT ncsu DOT edu 512-4584
Kelly, ShaNna Member (from Nov 04) nhannamarie AT gmail DOT com 512-7140
Kim, Sarah Member (from Sep 04) snkim AT ncsu DOT edu 512-5821
Lassiter, Vann Member vmlassit AT unity DOT ncsu DOT edu
Leung, Danny Member (from Feb 05) wlleung AT ncsu DOT edu 522-6164
Marshall, Mercedes Chair mmarsha AT unity DOT ncsu DOT edu
Tanker, Andrew Former Member (until Sep 04) astanker AT unity DOT ncsu DOT edu
Weston, Emily Vice-chair eiweston AT ncsu DOT edu 270-3199

Reports Transmitted:

Report Date Author Subject Source
DV-06 Mar 22, 2005 Danny Leung R 145; Reported HTML
DV-05 Jan 12, 2005 Mercedes Marshall 1/12/2005 Minutes HTML
DV-04 Nov 10, 2004 Mercedes Marshall 11/10/2004 Minutes HTML
DV-03 Oct 13, 2004 Mercedes Marshall 10/13/2004 Minutes HTML
DV-02 Sep 15, 2004 Mercedes Marshall 9/15/2004 Minutes HTML
DV-01 Sep 1, 2004 Mercedes Marshall 9/1/2004 Minutes HTML

Charter (Student Body Statutes §2-1.10):

The Committee on Diversity shall be responsible for policies concerning free expression of ideas and beliefs cultural differences between students of the University, discrimination on campus, the African-American Cultural Center, the Womenís Center, the Office of Multicultural Student Affairs, and the implementation of the Outstanding Person Award and Erase-ism.

The Diversity Committee holds direct or indirect oversight authority over:

The Diversity Committee is a unit of the Student Senate.

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