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Archived Content -- 89th Session

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Session 89, 2009-2010

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Tim Lipka
Deputy Chief of Staff
Contact Info:
tim_lipka AT ncsu DOT edu
Information, Deputy Chief of Staff:
Cabinet Offices:
Chairman - Commission on Transportation
Confirmation Resolution:
SR 03, Deputy Chief of Staff (Lipka) Confirmation (Adopted by Senate)
Confirmation History:
8-26-2009 Senate:   First Reading;   Referred to the Committee On Appointments by the Student Senate President
9-1-2009 Committee:   Committee On Appointments Consideration
9-8-2009 Committee:   Committee On Appointments Consideration;   The Committee On Appointments reported the bill to Senate by counted vote, 4-0, APPOINTMEN-09
9-9-2009 Senate:   Second Reading;   Adopted by consent
Other Profiles:
Executive Office of the Student Body President - Assistant to the President; Presidents' Roundtable - Roundtable Secretary; Chancellor's Liasion - Secretary; Presidential Cabinet - Special Assistant to the President; Division of Executive Management - Special Assistant to the Student Body President