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Archived Content -- 90th Session

Senate Legislation: 90th Session

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Public Legislation

Bill Title Sponsor(s) Bold is lead contact Status Report(s) Formats
90 GB XX Committee Legislation Reporting Act A. Davis, Devore, Goldsmith, Selzer, and J. Tucker
Secondary: Demanovich, Martin, and Walsh
Title Registered    
90 SR 07 Rules to Live By Act Harrelson
Secondary: Barnhill, A. Davis, Jewell, Selzer, and Jonathon Smith
Adopted by Senate CLD-01  
90 R 23 2010-2011 Fee Referendum Act O'Donnell
Secondary: Brooks, Demanovich, Gatlin, Harrelson, Hrischuk, Moore, Selzer, Jonathon Smith, and Yopp
Postponed or Tabled TF-04 HTML
90 FB 35 Luda Bill Bryson and Martin
Secondary: Gatlin, Goldsmith, Krystek, Selzer, J. Tucker, and Yopp
Adopted by Senate   HTML
90 R 40 Farmer Appreciation Act Barnhill, A. Davis, Jonathon Smith, and Yopp
Secondary: Beeninga, Brann, Brooks, Campbell, L. Clark, Demanovich, Devore, Gatlin, Harrelson, Krystek, Moore, Selzer, and Taylor
Adopted by Senate UA-03 HTML
90 R 42 Campus Holiday Decoration Act Jonathon Smith
Secondary: Barker, Barnhill, Beeninga, Brooks, Campbell, Harrelson, Selzer, and Stephens
Referred to University Affairs Cmte.   HTML
90 GB 44 Senator Appointment Act Brooks
Secondary: Adcock, Barnhill, Beeninga, Campbell, A. Davis, Demanovich, Devore, Goldsmith, Harrelson, Hrischuk, Jewell, Krystek, Moore, Selzer, Jonathon Smith, Stephens, J. Tucker, M. Tucker, and Yopp
Referred to Cmte. on Statute Clarification and Government Oversight GO-06 HTML
90 FB 46 Homecoming Funding Bryson
Secondary: Brann, Brooks, Devore, Gatlin, Harrelson, Martin, Royer, Selzer, Stephens, and J. Tucker
Adopted by Senate   HTML
90 R 49 Campus Unity Competition Act Moore
Secondary: Barker, Brooks, A. Davis, Demanovich, Selzer, and Walsh
Adopted by Senate CC-05 HTML PDF
90 SR 58 Mills Expulsion Act Selzer Adopted by Senate GO-07 HTML
90 SR 80 Adjournment Sine Die Campbell, D. Clark, Demanovich, Do, Harrelson, Krystek, Poosamani, Selzer, and Tomblin Adopted by Senate GO-16 HTML PDF

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Senate Legislation

Bill Title Sponsor(s) Bold is lead contact Status Report(s) Formats

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