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NCSU Student Government
Archived Content -- 91st Session

Student Senate Meeting

Wednesday, October 19th 2011

7:30 PM, Senate Chambers (Harrelson 314)

Meeting Documents
Meeting Attendance

There were forty-five (45) Senators (Barker, Blankley, Brann, Campbell, L. Clark, Compton, Cronin, Davis, Devore, Dicesare, Do, Duncan, Fitzgerald, Furstenberg, Galloway, Gaskin, Gatlin, Gibson, Gonzalez, Hartman, Hoynacke, Jewell, Jones, Krystek, Layton, Martin, McDowell, Mills, Molina, Moo-Young, Moore, Murray, O'Donnell, Pavia, Pomeroy, Poosamani, Poston, Propst, Seyam, E. Taylor, Teder, Turner, Watson, T. Williams, Wright) present. There were also two (2) non-voting members (Bryson, Harrelson) present.

There were twelve (12) Senators (Basu, Bauguess, Ellerbe, Ferguson, Jain, Lockhart, McLean, Selzer, Stier, A. Taylor, M. Williams, Yanik) absent.

The following officials were also present: Desormeaux, Thompson.

A quorum was present.

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First Reading:R 56, R 57
Second Reading:SR 24, R 35, R 50, GB 54, AB 55
Votes:The motion to adopts R 35, Diversity Promotion Act, Result: Adopted: 48-0-0; 9 absent
The motion to adopt R 50, NC Equality Act, Result: Adopted: 29-6-11; 11 absent
The motion to adopt GB 54, The Accountability Act, Result: Failed: 26-14-3; 14 absent (two-thirds present and voting required)

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