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Student Ticket Policy Change

Posted on June 20th, 2011 by Stephen Williamson

To view the new ticketing policy, click here.

After much time and effort from a very dedicated ticketing commission* our new student ticketing policy has been approved.  I’m not familiar with every policy State’s ever had but I can guarantee you this one is the most comprehensive and student friendly of any that I’ve encountered.  The plan represents the latest installment of an ever growing and changing system that seeks to constantly improve itself.  There’s no question that the issues of the last policy have been solved and what lays before students now is a ticketing system that rewards loyalty and provides the opportunity for dedicated students to attend as many games as they desire.  Now I’ll stop singing its praises and actually lay out the semantics of the thing.

The first thing students will notice is that allotments for both football and men’s basketball have been increased.  Students now have 10,000 seats of the 57,583 available at Carter-Finley stadium.  These will be in sections 7/8, the South Endzone, the North Endzone and the 300 level above the North Endzone.   For men’s basketball, students now have 4,500 tickets of the 19,700 available.

Speaking of basketball, one of the most significant changes is that seating in the RBC Center will be general admission for students just as it is with football.  Students will have their section determined by the time in which they enter the game and then the seating in those sections will be general admission.

A loyalty points system is still in place with the new policy.  However, it features a few changes.  First, the number of points automatically allotted to members of each class is different.  Seniors will now receive nine points at the beginning of each sport season.  Juniors will get seven, sophomores five and freshman three.

In addition to this change, the loyalty system will now feature bonus points for diehard students who accomplish designated attendance and early arrival goals.   Reaching the first level will award students one extra point at the beginning of that sport’s next season.  (Level 2 is 2 points and Level 3 is 3 points.)  So a rising senior who achieved the third level in football would start his/her senior football season with 12 points.

In yet another effort to reward the most committed students, the new plan will award the first 25% of tickets in straight loyalty order.  The intent of all of these measures is clear: if a student goes to games and arrives early he or she will be able to get a ticket.  The following 75% of the tickets will be awarded by a weighted lottery.

A new no-show policy is an integral part of the updated plan.  A no-show is defined as arriving at the end of the first half or not at all.  A no show will deduct one loyalty point.  Two no shows in football and three in men’s basketball in one season will result in the loss of requesting privileges for that season.  If a student accumulates five no shows in football or eight in men’s basketball that student loses requesting privileges for his or her career.

Finally, the much contested group system is no longer a part of the policy.  Students will request one ticket and that student will be awarded a ticket based on their own loyalty points or selection in the lottery.

As I said earlier, the very blatant purpose of all of these measures is to support seniority and dedication while still allowing all students the opportunity to attend high profile Wolfpack sporting events.  Students who go to games and arrive early and show strong allegiance will be rewarded.  Our goal is to foster the best student sections in the ACC and undoubtedly the nation.  This policy is a significant step in that direction.


*The commission was co-chaired by 2009-2011 Student Government Athletics Commission chair Jeffrey Johnson and Senior Associate Director of Athletics Chris Kingston. Other members included students Carrie Althoff, Andy Walsh, Logan Dawson, John Tucker, and Hampton Moore and Associate AD for External Operations Dick Christy, Vice Chancellor of Student Affairs Tom Stafford, Director of Ticketing Bryan Kelly, and Associate Vice Chancellor for Environmental Health and Public Safety David Rainer.