Senate Appropriations - Information


Spring 2015 Funding – coming soon!


*** Important Announcements ***



Watch out this space for information regarding Spring 2015 appropriations which will happen during Fall 2014 semester.


1) The Appropriations webpage is totally revamped as promised!! Several helpful links added under the Appropriations main link in the left-hand side menu bar.
2) The groups are now responsible to edit the requests during Editing Period!!
3) Senators will now ONLY assist the groups with questions and suggestions but will NOT edit the requests!! However, they will accompany the groups for interviews.
4) Online requests are now available in Student Involvement Web portal. You can access the forms through the Create/Edit Request link provided below.
5) We are now appropriating funds ONLY for Fall 2014 semester in this Spring 2014 Funding Cycle.
6) Group members are requested to consult the FAQ pages first before emailing the Chair of Appropriations or the SBT.
7) View past Appropriation requests here.

Appropriations Process Made Easy

Follow the steps below to make your group fully eligible to receive Appropriations !


Link for Appropriations Online Request Form


More Information: Questions? Contact Nithyananthan Poosamani, Senate Pro Tempore & Chair of the Committee on Appropriations ( for questions related to the Appropriations process (OR) Will Gaskins, Student Body Treasurer ( for questions specific to receipts and ineligibility list.